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Unfortunately there are very few yarn stores in existence and when there is a yarn store, the supply is limited. IT's all about supply and demand....and the demand is not there...stores close. We learned about it in school - nowadays they take away even gym class!!! A few young people if curious enough will ask about it, people in the 60's grew up with yarn stores, fabric stores etc. because clothes weren't as available as they are today. (However cheaply made.) As my grandson once asked me - holding up my knitting needles - grandma what are these sticks for??? I explained to him what it was for and we ended up having a very pleasant afternoon learning to knit. I sent him home with a ball of wool and he proudly finished what he calls a scarf. Would you believe this 10 year old boy told his friends that he made it himself and was the envy of his peers. He wears his scarf very proudly to school every day! Now he is learning to crochet which he finds easier and less of a chance he will poke his eye out! LOL!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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