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OMG...I'm exhausted is easier to do it myself

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So, eldest son and wife love to do I. But after 54 years of it and several illnesses, I can't do it all myself. They flew in from MD yesterday. Cooking today. So far, he has cooked hamburgers and mixed frozen vegetables for lunch, put the turkey in oven, made fancy cranberry sauce, prepped all the sides, cleaned up behind himself as he goes. So why am I exhausted?

"Mom, where's a mixing bowl?"
"Mom, do you have a zester?" "No". "okay, where's the grater?"
"Mom, give me all the ingredients for this, that, the other thing."
"Mom, do you have vinegar?" "yes, it is in the pantry someplace". "I can't find it". Move away...I'll look. Here it is." oh, that's not the kind I want."
"Mom, where is the salad bowl! Cutting board! Etc.
And on and on and on.

I'm too old for this. I'm 78 and can't stand or walk for any length of time. It is great that he wants to do all the cooking and cleaning but it is exhausting for me. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining but I've jumped up 500 times since breakfast.

And now, he took dishes out of the cabinet. And there was detritus on one of them. "What's going on in this house", he yells. So, some buggies got into the cabinet...this is FL!!! we call an exterminator often! Good thing he didn't see the huge palmetto bugs that routinely get in.

..."calm down, the dishwasher is running. We will reload it with these". No. They are washing them by hand!

And the real kicker is that younger son and his new girlfriend were supposed to come from Orlando (we are in Tampa Bay Area on the west coast) and a friend who visited with them sat night felt unwell as the night rolled on and tested positive for Covid so they wanted to know if they should come. We told them not to come.

An hour or so after that decision, he texted and said he had a sore throat and headache. Oh dear!

hope you are all enjoying your families and your holiday. Best wishes.
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Lovely to see them but sounds like you will need a rest when they leave
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