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omitted buttonhole ...secret remedy anyone ?

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Hi, I am 3/4 through knitting an adult pair of lined Hug Boot slippers and just realised I missed out button holes on the fold down lining . ( Each button goes through double fabric )
They are knitted in stocking stitch and I can make a small hole by separating the stiches but worry that this will eventually weaken the fabric over time. These have been far more knitting than I anticipated and I am loathed to frog it all back if it is not necessary !

Does anyone have a neat method of creating a buttonhole through knitted fabric or should I just rip the second boot back and do it properly ! The gauge is quite dense - worsted on 3.25mm needles.
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Missed in the lining? Would it be possible to ravel the required row/rows back to where you want the buttonhole then reform the stitches? I saw a latch tool at a LCS that would make easy work of that for you.
Machine knitters use latch tools to reform stitches, but handyfamily's idea using a crochet hook works just as well. Its not cheating to drop and reform a row or two of stitches for a skipped buttonhole. I drop rows of sts all the time and reform them for cables etc...Call it advanced knitting techniques:)))
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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