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omitted buttonhole ...secret remedy anyone ?

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Hi, I am 3/4 through knitting an adult pair of lined Hug Boot slippers and just realised I missed out button holes on the fold down lining . ( Each button goes through double fabric )
They are knitted in stocking stitch and I can make a small hole by separating the stiches but worry that this will eventually weaken the fabric over time. These have been far more knitting than I anticipated and I am loathed to frog it all back if it is not necessary !

Does anyone have a neat method of creating a buttonhole through knitted fabric or should I just rip the second boot back and do it properly ! The gauge is quite dense - worsted on 3.25mm needles.
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I'm with HandyFamily! Just drop the stitches that the buttonhole is made over (carefully and slowly) back to the row where the buttonhole is meant to be. Use a crochet hook of the appropriate size, work the button hole then pick the dropped stitches back up to your current row. Being stockinette stitch is used it shouldn't be too difficult.

I went back 30 rows to correct a wrong stitch once, rather than ripping everything back to the error. It didn't take that long either. Certainly less time than it would have taken to rip back the 30 rows, fix the error and reknit those 30 rows.


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Everyone makes mistakes, I don't care who you are or how long you have been knitting, it happens.

How you deal with that mistake is a whole other issue. Leave it and try to live with it or find a way to truly fix it without tearing your hair out?

In my case I figured I'd give this a try, if it didn't work I'd just have to rip back those 30 rows anyway.

I will caution you to do this when you have nothing else on your mind and are not stressed, since a bit of concentration is needed. Just go slowly and carefully. My "fix" took about 20 minutes..ripping back and reknitting all those rows...would have taken hours!
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