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omitted buttonhole ...secret remedy anyone ?

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Hi, I am 3/4 through knitting an adult pair of lined Hug Boot slippers and just realised I missed out button holes on the fold down lining . ( Each button goes through double fabric )
They are knitted in stocking stitch and I can make a small hole by separating the stiches but worry that this will eventually weaken the fabric over time. These have been far more knitting than I anticipated and I am loathed to frog it all back if it is not necessary !

Does anyone have a neat method of creating a buttonhole through knitted fabric or should I just rip the second boot back and do it properly ! The gauge is quite dense - worsted on 3.25mm needles.
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Thanks and Yes, I know in my heart I should really take it back to the beginning of the lining for peace of mind ... I just got bored of knitting these, which turned out to be quite a lot more knitting than I thought.... and so heavy on the needles for my hands now.

I also have some fantastic new yarn sitting next to me for my next project !
KateWood said:
Missed in the lining? Would it be possible to ravel the required row/rows back to where you want the buttonhole then reform the stitches? I saw a latch tool at a LCS that would make easy work of that for you.
The latch tool sounds intriguing but I would probably feel even more of a cheat having to buy a gadget to avoid ripping back. I should probably just "bite the bullet" and have a bit more self discipline.

I will have to just put my tempting next project new yarn out of site for the time being ! :(
HandyFamily said:
You can:
1) Let go just, say, 2, 3 or however wide your button-hole should be - stitches, go to the place of the fist one, "finish" the stitches - well, slip them one over other in a line - and secure the last one with sewing thread. Than work your way up with a crochet hook the side threads you have up the the place of the next hole - and so on.
2) sew some tik-tak or other secret buttons on the inside and sew the buttons you like to be seen in the outside - just for looks.
3) this might or might not work, I am not sure, can't really imagine what the slippers should like - change the place of the button-line, make outside ... loops? When the buttons are not through both fabric layers, but outside the upper one? - with crochet and just attach the buttons as you would otherwise.
I wish you luck!
Wow! Thanks HandyFamily...... I will certainly try your first method later. I just knew this site was the best bet for advice !
My biggest problem is always boredom when knitting larger heavier things, and although it is only a matter of one days worth (or two long evenings) of knitting to rip back and start again, I have never made this sort of mistake before and was hoping a more skilled needle person could suggest something.
Many thanks :)
KateWood said:
Machine knitters use latch tools to reform stitches, but handyfamily's idea using a crochet hook works just as well. Its not cheating to drop and reform a row or two of stitches for a skipped buttonhole. I drop rows of sts all the time and reform them for cables etc...Call it advanced knitting techniques:)))
Thanks KateWood.
I don't know how on earth I forgot the buttonhole row although I do have flu right now and am in a bit of a dozy state I guess, but I was so pleased to have almost finished the boots ...then spotted the silly mistake. doh !
Christine47 - So glad I am not the only one :)
Thanks courier 770. I am a true believer that we learn best from our mistakes and thanks to all here,I will now have yet another new knitting skill. In the past I would just have ripped back to whatever mistake and re-knit, but I am so glad I posted the problem now.
Thank you everyone for all your innovative ideas and remedies for this mistake.It has been amazing to get such a lot of responses. I will post pictures of the finished slipper boots soon.
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