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omitted buttonhole ...secret remedy anyone ?

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Hi, I am 3/4 through knitting an adult pair of lined Hug Boot slippers and just realised I missed out button holes on the fold down lining . ( Each button goes through double fabric )
They are knitted in stocking stitch and I can make a small hole by separating the stiches but worry that this will eventually weaken the fabric over time. These have been far more knitting than I anticipated and I am loathed to frog it all back if it is not necessary !

Does anyone have a neat method of creating a buttonhole through knitted fabric or should I just rip the second boot back and do it properly ! The gauge is quite dense - worsted on 3.25mm needles.
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Can you explain to me how you establish the new stitches over the button hole bind off? This is the part I am not seeing clearly.

What I would probably do in something akin to Dragonflie's suggestion. Also if you have a sewing machine you can to a buttonhole and then cut it open as in a steek.
HandyFamily said:
OK, above the bind-off you still have threads of yarn - horizontal. Put your crochet hook under the first horizontal thread. Now go in front and above the second one. Take it with the hook and "twist" it around the first one - the one you went under with the hook. Now you have a stitch. Take it to a place - as is as many rows - you need and put something - a pin or whatever - just not to loose it. Repeat the process as many times as much stitches you need to have - 2, 3, as much as they are. Bind of like the first time. Start again like the last time.
thanks. this is what i was thinking, but not sure that is what you meant. will have to try a sample to see how it looks.
maur1011 said:
I had the same issue with my first sweater. This was my solution (very basic is all I can handle) - I made a chain stitch loop and stitched it into the back of the sweater. Just another option. Good luck.
Very neatly done and it looks good
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