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omitted buttonhole ...secret remedy anyone ?

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Hi, I am 3/4 through knitting an adult pair of lined Hug Boot slippers and just realised I missed out button holes on the fold down lining . ( Each button goes through double fabric )
They are knitted in stocking stitch and I can make a small hole by separating the stiches but worry that this will eventually weaken the fabric over time. These have been far more knitting than I anticipated and I am loathed to frog it all back if it is not necessary !

Does anyone have a neat method of creating a buttonhole through knitted fabric or should I just rip the second boot back and do it properly ! The gauge is quite dense - worsted on 3.25mm needles.
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Forgetting to make buttonholes is easy to do. My fix is with a blunt needle make loops with the yarn doubled and then do the buttonhole stitch on the loops. I make vertical loops in the middle of the band. Does this make sense?
Thank you everyone for all your innovative ideas and remedies for this mistake.It has been amazing to get such a lot of responses. I will post pictures of the finished slipper boots soon.
maur1011 said:
I had the same issue with my first sweater. This was my solution (very basic is all I can handle) - I made a chain stitch loop and stitched it into the back of the sweater. Just another option. Good luck.
Very neatly done and it looks good
tamarque said:
HandyFamily said:
OK, above the bind-off you still have threads of yarn - horizontal. Put your crochet hook under the first horizontal thread. Now go in front and above the second one. Take it with the hook and "twist" it around the first one - the one you went under with the hook. Now you have a stitch. Take it to a place - as is as many rows - you need and put something - a pin or whatever - just not to loose it. Repeat the process as many times as much stitches you need to have - 2, 3, as much as they are. Bind of like the first time. Start again like the last time.
thanks. this is what i was thinking, but not sure that is what you meant. will have to try a sample to see how it looks.
Well, things that are so easy to show are usually so hard to explain with words...

"Verba docent, exempla trahunt".
I have forgotten to make button holes in a sweater also. Guess it's something every knitter does at some point in their life. This was a cardigan sweater. All I did was to crochet a row of single crochets up the band. When I got to the button area I added 3 xtra chain stitches to form a loop. This became my button holes. It worked out great and gave a nice finish to the band.
Cour 770 and handy family make lots of sense to me..
ANd the second one on handy family looks good too.
If you do 770 and sew around the cut area, I would unravel some of the original yarn to a thinner amount, 1,2 ply so it is not a real thick place in the garment.
You have lots of good suggestions already but I would be remiss if I did not mention Elizabeth Zimmermann. She was fond of doing "afterthought" things like pockets and I'm sure if you read through some of her books she mentions doing something creative for forgotten buttonholes. What ever you choose, I wish you well.
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