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One Button Scarves

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Inspired by djones5252's quest for this scarf pattern, and taunted by the leftover yarn from this hat, I whipped up this scarf to go with the hat. Then I got on a roll and made 5 more for Christmas gifts. :)

All the yarn, needle, button and stitch pattern details are available here. Thanks for looking!
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Lovely scarf and such a good idea. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. :thumbup:
Wow, Tammy, I love these! Great way to show off a special button.
Pocahontas said:
Wow, Tammy, I love these! Great way to show off a special button.
Yeah, the buttons are great! They deserve their own photos...
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Buttons are some of my favorite decorative elements.
I love all of them, Tammy. Wonderful presents.
I love these and such gorgeous buttons,well done.
Very nice Tammy. Love them and the buttons.
great quick gift idea. Thanks so much.
I found out on Christmas Eve that my boyfriend's nephew's ex-girlfriend is, once again, the current girlfriend, and may be present at the gift exchange we have with the family on Friday, so I whipped up one more. This one might be my favorite!
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So cute, great idea. Thanks so much for sharing.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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