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jean weymouth said:
To those of you who asked about one hand knitting. There are videos and gadgets but I have pretty much taught myself. At first I supported the left needle between my knees. Now my left hand will support the needle after much body manipulation. Right now I can cast on, knit garter stitch and cast off. My goal is to do more but truly don't think I can tackle sashay yarn. My promlem is what to tell this lady who bought me the yarn. Should I return it? She has never worked with it. thanks to all of you who responded to my previous letter. Jean
I think you should tell her what you are telling us. That you love the yarn and the fact that she gave it to you but right now it is beyond your ability to use and ask "would you like to return it for something you can use?" or perhaps in the future one of you will be able to knit or crochet with it.
Don't stress on it- I'm sure your friend will understand if you explain.
Blessings. :thumbup:
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