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Other Crafts Buy/Sell/Trade Rules

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Other Crafts Buy/Sell/Trade is for listing or requesting of items NOT related to knitting or crochet.

- Once your offer is sold/expired/no longer valid, make sure to mark the thread as sold (top right of the thread).

- If you want to post a "looking to buy" ad or offer something to give away, there are no restrictions on such posts.

- Members MUST have at least 20 posts and be registered for 30 days before they can start a thread or reply in any Marketplace section.

- Classifieds are for contributing members of KP, not just a sales site.

- Do not post your personal information in the open. If you want to contact someone about their post, then use private messages on this forum or e-mail the person directly. You can mention local geography (like the town where you are located), but do not post your address, email address, or a phone number in public.

- If you would like to offer some merchandise for a trade, please specify what you would like to get in return. If you are not sure, then please specify that fact as well, so that others can post their suggestions/offers.

- Any post can be removed at the sole discretion of the administration of this forum. This would usually happen if we receive complaints about the post or if the post is blatant forum spam. But we reserve the right to remove any post without warning or explanation.

- If you are offering copyrightable material, then you must be the author/copyright holder or you must have written permission from the rightful copyright holder to distribute this material.

- You cannot post links to other websites/stores in this section. This is classifieds section, not links and resources.

- If you post any prices when offering products/services, then you must honour those prices when someone takes you up on your offer.

- Do not post off-topic! If someone starts a thread about a certain offer, you can only post in that thread regarding that offer. If you want to talk about anything else, then please start a new thread.

- If you are having a problem with another member then contact me via private message, but do not post any defamatory statements about that member.

- Do not bump your ad by any means in order to keep it on the first page of the section. That includes adding update notifications.

- Administration and the moderators are not responsible for the contents of the posts. All exchanges/deals are made directly between the individual members of the forum. Transact at your own risk.

- The rules of this section can be changed at any time without notice.

To send a private message to another user, click on their username on the left side of the post and then click Message (for private message).

If you are not sure about making a post, then please contact me via private message and I'll be happy to assist you.
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