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Hi and Welcome to Book Club -
please do leave recommendations about books and authors at any time in this section.

Thank you.
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Hi Everyone
Many thanks for all the new posts.
Will add the authors recommended here to our linked list.
Many thanks.
Authors added to our new list !!

Animal Farm intrigued me. Perhaps I need to unearth a copy and re-read it...
A new topic was started on our main page so members will not have received an email prompt. Many thanks to kittykatzmom for the recommendation and also to others who have given their comments. I will add Mark Bowden to our authors' list.

"The Last Stone is written by Mark Bowden and based on a true story about two young girls, who went missing in 1975. I haven't finished the book, but it is a story about how the police couldn't let go of a cold case. One detective was ready to give up and he went away from his desk for a few minutes and went back - there was the clue right in front of his eyes after over 30 years of being a cold case. I applaud people like him, who don't give up. Thank you Dave Davis and Mark Bowden."
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beanscene said:
Haven't had a single email notification for these new pages of comments? ????‍♀
Hi beanscene

Thanks for your posts.

Sorry you've not had the email prompt for this section! Weird. I'll check with Admin ...
thank you
Have added Kate Atkinson and Peter Watts to our linked authors' list.

Do please let me know if there are any further glitches with this new section and I'll check with Admin. Thank you.
beanscene said:
Hi Sandra, got this one so all's well now. I guess I hadn't clicked on the new wasn't "following" - don't think it's happened that way before though?
Good to hear Sally.
Agree don't think this has happened before.
have a good day
beanscene said:
Thanks Val, it's a minefield for sure! I've spent many years telling my son ' if its meant to be, it will be' and now struggling a bit to listen to myself, irritating old bag!

That said we had viewings on Friday and Saturday and 3 lots are coming back for a second look so I'm feeling more positive! And the roses are looking lovely.
The rules here are just beyond belief re property sales and purchasing.
The US property market moves swiftly - one of our family members bought and sold within about 5 weeks or so.
Trusting you will have a buyer within the next day or so Sally. Please keep us posted.
Thank you everyone for all your recommendations. Will check back for new authors' names and get them on the list. Thank you.
beanscene said:
Thanks Sandra. Wonder why we are so out of touch on this property buying situation? It's frustrating for sure and everything moves exceeding slow......
Thinking of you. :sm24:
field915 said:
Loved Beneath a Scarlet Sky and Te Great Alone!
Both were page turners
Thank you - have added the Author link to this page also.
Thank you Helen for your recommendations and comments.
I have added all the authors to our linked Authors' List. Thank you so much. I quite liked some of Dan Brown's books, but not read one in a long while.
My stash of books is almost as large as my fabric stash and don't even ask about the yarn ... !
Again many thanks. kind regards, sdftrace
Hi again,
My friend often gives me Lee Child books - some of which I have read in the past, but the Jack Reacher series is definitely worth a re-read. Finished "The Affair" last week. Certainly moves at a very swift pace!
That behind me I moved on to "The Killer" by Susan Wilkins. I hadn't realised it was the third of a series but it didn't matter. Not sure about it though. I wonder if others have read any other books by this author??
Moved swiftly on to William Boyd's "Restless". Not usually fond of spy-type books but the theme was an interesting one, although there were words and sections I skipped because of the foul language. That said, it moved at a pace. I notice he was recommended several times by others in our previous R & D section so obviously he is popular.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone soon. Thank you everyone.
Hi everyone
Thanks for all the recommendations - have added the latest authors to our ever-growing List.
Fran42 said:
A great writer: Lawrence Hill. He had me believing I was reading a true story. And a story I wanted to continue at the end. If you haven't already read it, read it now or get it on your list: Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill. It had me right from the beginning. You will truly miss a great one if you pass this one up. I will order another of his that was recommended by someone here . . . . Some Great Thing.
Thanks Fran42, have added in this page link for Lawrence Hill on our Authors' List. Many thanks, sounds like I need to get to the bookstore!
kind regards
Just finished reading ... "The Accident" by Linwood Barclay.

Got to page 5 when I realised I'd read this before and had seen the movie also on TV. But by page 5 I couldn't put it down. Highly recommend it.
Knit in AZ said:
I've been lurking and enjoying reading others' recommendations and thought I might make a couple of recommendations. Right now I'm reading A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles which was recommended by my neighbor. It's not what I usually read but I'm enjoying it. It covers the time period from 1900 until the 1950 in Russia and the house arrest of the main character. I've also been reading a series by Nicci French which I've really enjoyed. The main character is Freida Klein, a therapist who solves crimes in her quirky way. Thanks to everyone for your recommendations. I love finding new authors to enjoy.
Hi Knit in AZ
Welcome to Book Club from the UK. Thank you so much for your recommendations. I will add the two authors to our linked list.
Many thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you again very soon.
kind regards
Many thanks anngie.
I have added Robin Oliviera to our linked Authors' List. Sounds like a great read if you stayed up until the early hours of the morning !! I've not heard of either books you mention so will keep an eye out now for both. Again, thank you.
Thank you everyone for your comments.
Have a great day.
smasha12 said:
Just back from the library. Picked up the new Jackson Brodie. Think I was on the waiting list even before the book was added to the library stock.

Have to finish Origin first which seems a little slow. Anyone else read it?
Hi smasha12
Glad you got the new Jackson Brodie. Will wait to hear your recommendations on this.
Sorry not read Origin so look forward to hearing comments from other members.
thank you
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