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ljsb3 said:
I finished mine too! And as someone said, they are 'fraternal twin' socks as I didn't match the beginning color on the second one! Oh well, maybe this way there is a specific right or left foot? Maybe not.... They are both the same size - picture taking isn't one of my skill sets. The crocodile stitch was fun but I didn't like it on mine so did just a front post 'thing' for the cuff part - will be making another pair now that I have an idea of how to get them to be the right size (think the toe up is a great way to learn). And I will have to watch the video for the heel again as I still am not positive that was done correctly. Besides all of these it was A WONDERFUL FUN class to participate in - thank you for teaching us
I am glad you enjoyed the class and have very pretty socks out of it. Take it from me, you have done a wonderful job with these. And the pattern is easily adapted to custom fits,
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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