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((((((( Thrift stores would take them no doubt or perhaps ladies/gents at senior centers........

We have a freecycle here in our contry = Yahoo group and they're offered in many other states, too. It's a system designed to keep things out of the trash and landfills.

Post your item or respond to a listing. All things must be free, of course. I don't know what limits there would be on listings. I'm thinking firearms may be off limits, ammo......but, I don't know for sure.

Craig's List online is another place, too for giveaway items as well as Credit Unions have paper and online shoppers where one can submit for sale, wanted and free items.

If you know of any other crafters, perhaps you can do a swap.

knittynut said:
I have some spare straight needles of various sizes and I don't use straight needles any more any suggestions as to whom I can donate them to?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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