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Pattern holder

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A few days ago someone posted a great picture of a pattern holder made from a kitchen roll holder.
I unfortunately deleted it. Could anyone help me see it again as I'd like to make one but don't know how to put the rings on and not have them drop to the bottom.
Thanks a lot
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I remember seeing it. Is it not just that there were so many poly pockets on the rings that they stood up because they were fairly close to each other? They would fall down if there were only a few but if there is a lot of them they will stand? I may be wrong.
It was very recently but did not have pattern holder in title.
Abcdef said:
That would explain why I couldn't find it then!
Probably something like: look what I made
A Clever Idea......
I have no idea what it was but remember that it was nothing to do with pattern holders lol!
Maybe they stand up as they are the 3 ring American-style poly pockets rather than our 2 ring system?
annagemma said:
Thank you to NushieO and Marie from NC for finding it for me but I still don't know how they stand or for that matter how to get the rings over the knob at the top.
They will open like rings in a ring binder, I think. There may be a bit of card in each poly pocket too but I think the 3 rings and the sheer number of patterns will make them stand up.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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