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Pattern holder

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A few days ago someone posted a great picture of a pattern holder made from a kitchen roll holder.
I unfortunately deleted it. Could anyone help me see it again as I'd like to make one but don't know how to put the rings on and not have them drop to the bottom.
Thanks a lot
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annagemma said:
Thank you to NushieO and Marie from NC for finding it for me but I still don't know how they stand or for that matter how to get the rings over the knob at the top.
Wouldn't it be impossible for the pages to fall over, even if there were only two, because once connected to two plastic sheets (or even one, I suppose), the rings can't fall down? And you could put the rings on right where they go on the rod, rather than pushing them down over the top. (That is, open and close them onto the plastic sheets just as you would in a binder. Just keep adding sheets to the 3 rings one at a time) Not explaining myself very well! :(


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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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