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Pattern making question

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I'm knitting my first shawl, out of my head, and was thinking of putting a pattern up when I finish it, but it's so simple, that I wonder if it's already out there. Do you think there would be a problem, if I honestly think it's my own?


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If it is just for personal use, you'd be ok. If you started selling it, and it was extremely similar to another pattern someone was selling, they could go after you. But it is expensive to hire lawyers to do a stop and desist order. So would they?

So how is one to know there isn't one out there already? Its tough. I'm always considering doing up my jacket patterns, but then I start looking and they are so similar to something already published, so I decide not to.

I'm knitting myself a shortie jacket. I found a pattern I liked, or thought I did. I used a thinner yarn totally causing me to rewrite the pattern, changed the sleeves to set in, and knit it in one piece up to the armholes. But side-by-side with a picture of the original, it is too similar for me to say its my design.

Having fun knitting it anyway, and it will get used a lot!!

I'd think you'd be ok with a baby blanket pattern. Looking forward to seeing that blanket!
There is a lot of debate on that. But most copyright lawyers would say that I'm making money on some one else's idea.
or in this case someone else's original design.
and in fact, I've been taught, that "one" can even get a "stop and desist" order on a pattern (take mine in this case) that I might be giving away. Because my free pattern, nearly identical, is taking money away from the original designer.

There are lawyers totally dedicated to the issue of copyright. Copyright lawyers.

I see both sides of the situation. But I guess I tend to support the original designer, because the sale of my yarns are always dependent on what they design. If its all free, will we loose our amazing and innovative designers? Will they stop designing? Food for thought, isn't it.

But luckily, so far, we have many wonderful designers and I'm very thankful for them!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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