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Pattern making question

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I'm knitting my first shawl, out of my head, and was thinking of putting a pattern up when I finish it, but it's so simple, that I wonder if it's already out there. Do you think there would be a problem, if I honestly think it's my own?


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Quick story, I found some clearance yarn at Wal-Mart and bought what was left. When I got home I looked at the yarn and just went at it - I created an original. My masterpiece. A few months later I was invited to a baby shower and took the little blanket that I was so proud of. Lo and behold the Grandmother of the baby-to-be made exactly the same blanket in the exact same yarn! She said that she found it on clearance at Wal-Mart and just made up the pattern in her head! This woman and I have known each other for years, our boys were friends since they were 4 years old. Neither one of us knew that the other one knitted!
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