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I would like to make this hat but am having problems with interpreting the chart along with when and where the decreases are made. You have to link to the hat through Ravelry:
The body of the hat uses the cuff and leg pattern from socks that are posted here:
My first question is on the chart. Since this is a pattern in the round, do I always read the chart from right to left rather than on alternate rows?
My second question is interpreting the following instructions:

"Follow the leg instructions for two full repeats (working Chart A 12 times instead of six).
When starting on the third repeat, follow the instructions again, but only do the yarnover increases on every second set of 12 stitches, effectively decreasing the hat by 12 stitches every row.
This means that at halfway through this set of 22 rows, there are only six "scales" instead of the original 12. "

I'm not sure when she is referring to the 12-stitch row repeat or when she is referring to the number of rows or both. I'm also not certain which YOs she's deleting in order to decrease crown size.
I am unfamiliar enough with lace that I'm completely confused. Any and all help would be much appreciated. I wrote to the designer but didn't receive a repsonse.
Sorlenna gave me a couple of suggestions in an earlier post but I'm still in pretty confused.


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