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patterns to knit with self striping sock yarn - but not socks

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hello, I'm new to this forum. I love the self striping sock yarn but need some ideas or pattern sources for something to knit. I have not tried socks yet so anything other than socks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

peggyw from ohio
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Hi Peggy,
Our knitting group uses it to make baby sweaters and hats. How cute are they!!!!! And so different from the basic pink or blue. A nice weight for premies and newborns.
Peggy, you can make all sorts of things from sock yarn, hats, scarves, gloves, shawls, even sweaters. A nice book for some quick projects is Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. It is available on Amazon for 10.26 I have this and have already made several items from the book. Most of the projects work well for "take along" projects.
i saw the cutest thing yesterday, but don't remember where, you will have to search.....they had made elephants, chicks, and rabbits with the striping yarn....there is nothing cuter than a little striped elephant! the small yarn and tiny stripe areas are really proportioned for little animals...
Hello Peggy,
I agree with all the other posts. I frequently use sock yarn for all baby items and toys. It is great fun. Just remember to check guage so you can adjust needle size. The latest sock yarn project I made was for twin boys did the sweaters and booties in sock yarn and the overalls in a solid color. Good Luck.
I have a great vest pattern that is a japanese style and it uses self-striping sock yarn. I also picked up some gorgeous sock yarn in bright Fall colors that is destined for my grandbaby
can you either share your Japanese vest pattern or let me know where I can get it? thanks so much. my email is [email protected]
It is in a book called Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle.

If you like this type of ethnic design there are a couple of other books that I love. One is Andean Inspired Knits by Helen Hamann, and Knitting Out of Africa by Marianne Isager.

All are great drool books! Wonderful designs and techniques. The book on African style sweaters has several patterns that use entrelac.

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