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Saw where someone was having trouble with a purchase of some yarn online and wondering if this might help someone.

Selling online, it is pretty much a 'have to' to have a Paypal business account.. But to purchase through Paypal you do not need an account.. You choose the Paypal option and when it gets to the point of asking for your PayPal account there will be another option on that page to bypass Paypal. Then you just go on and use your regular debit/credit card.. The payment still comes to the seller into their Paypal account.

Because I am Catholic and have a lot of Catholic friends that object to Paypal and it's connection with Planned Parenthood, I have had to become creative with my payment options. Another thing I have done is have my customer pick up a MoneyPak Reload card in their local CVS or Walgreens and then just call me with the numbers on the back of the card and I can deposit that into my Paypal account.

The third option is to send the customer a Paypal Invoice and then they can pay with any card they want also.. Whenever doing business with a small online handmade retailer ask them if they have any options for payment.
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