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jhueners said:
I noticed the problem with holes on the first mitt and wanted to avoid that on the second one. I have to pick up 9 stitches. Five are cast on to replace the five on the stitch holder but I'm not sure where the other four are supposed to come from. Should I do more than one stitch in the new cast ons? Where should the additional 4 stitches be made?
The pattern I used had me make extra stitches. I think I had to have four, but my base only had two.

About casting on in the middle of your work, try this:
knit a stitch, but do not leave it on the right needle. Put the new stitch back on the LEFT needle with the others. Knit another stitch and put it back on the left needle. Repeat as many times as you need cast on stitches. Each stitch will be a little loose because you use extra yarn to lift it; just snug if up gently the same way you probably do when you cast on the original stitches.

You can see it done in this video. Any time you need to cast on additional stitches in your for buttonholes....or your thumb, this is a good, really easy method.

Aren't fingerless gloves fun?
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