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Monika said:
i bought a booklet from wal-mart about Tunisian crochet im trying to make a beanie for my sister my sister is going true some rough time she is going true cemo and i would like to send some to cheer her up the pattern goes with crochet hook ch 5 sc in horizontal bar of second ch from hook ch 1 turn sc in back loop only of each sc acrosswith Tunisian hook and working in ends of rows along the edge of band pick up 75 sts evenly spaced across thank you in advance for anybody's help god bless
As suggested, have a look at the You Tube video on Tunisian Crochet. Basically with tunisian simple stitch you start with a chain, say 15 or however long, then the first row is picking up a stitch in each chain, until you have say 15 stitches on the hook. Then you crochet them back off the hook, like you would in normal crochet. Once you see the video you will understand. It does make a lovely fabric. When you pick up a stitch you crochet into the vertical bar, not the horizontal bar. It will be a lovely warm hat for her. We have a Tunisan expert on here so he might help you better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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