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courier770 said:
I was the one who made them. I made them for my late sister whose last name was Martini..our joke was "Olive you!". I also made her point protector "Olives". Just buy some of the clay and have fun with it! You will need eye pins to stick into the olives (I cut mine off so the pin part was only about 1/3" long and could be attached to split rings). For the point protectors I had to "play" a little to get them right.

The clay is fairly inexpensive (keep unused portion is a good zip lock bag)..using the "sealer" after you are done is important..that too is fairly cheap.

You are a true artist.

I've made many of these with all kinds of subject matter..cherries, clusters of grapes and a friend of mine always called sweater "boobie holders" I made her some "boobies".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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