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The Biue poncho-
There is no sourse.I made it my self. I am giving Pattern details,what ever i remember.
Acrylic fiber yarn. CircularKnitting needle- used.
started 120 K1.p1ribing2".(After 1" did 8 Buttonholes in equal spaces.)Then continue duing right side Knit Back purl You have to increase every knit side (devide 120 st equal 4 parts)on 30th st yfwd k1.yfwd k continue.The shape will increase in cone up to25"or reqired length then Fasten off.attach Fringe.make cord string reqired length,put them through 8 Button hole for neck tying.(I am attachig pic to have an idea for FRINGE&CORD STING.


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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