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Popcorn Stitch

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I want to use a pocorn stitch in a dog sweater that I have started. Forgot how to do it!! :?:
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Thanks everyone for your help on the knitted popcorn stitch. Everyone of you are just super!!


Have a great weekend.
grace10 said:
Elaine, a mug mat is just a coaster. You may not want to use the popcorn st for it though. I really was just being facetious - maybe I should cut the corn - LOL. But lots of us actually do love to use cozies and coasters which are really easy and cute as well as useful. ~ Grace
Oh, don't cut the corn! :lol: It's part of what makes this site so blasted addictive!!!
Addictive is mild - my family hasn't had a meal since I landed here! : D ~ G
When you do a Google search, you'll get more results for "bobble" than for popcorn stitch. If you find out you get several names for a stitch, search the alternate name too because it may be the more common name. A bramble or trinity stitch is similar, but not quite the same; the bobble is larger than the bramble.
Here's a good video of how to make a bobble:
This is a nice, shoret description of a popcorn/bobble:
This is a step-by-step photo tutorial that's a big help: is probably the best, single source of basic knitting help and there are videos of how to do basic stitches, increases and decreases and they are shown in both English and Continental style. For more complex stitches, you'll just have to rely on what Google mines for you.
The best on-line source of knitting stitches is (
Many of the stitches are free, but if you pony up for a membership, you get a color picture and instructions for over 2000 knitting stitches. I like knitting fool better than Barbara Walker knitting treasury books because they are in color. I know that many people like black and white photos better than color, but for me; give me color any day. It is like reality versus not.
MaryE., thanks so much for such very useful information. I knew that bobble was more often used in knitting and popcorn in crochet but I had never heard of the bramble or the trinity stitches. I am in agreement, black and white pics don't do it for me either. I have a couple of books in b&w which I ordered and were not inexpensive; one off the web and one from a local bookstore. I really wanted to take the latter one back. Thx again for sharing. ~ Grace
grace10 said:
Addictive is mild - my family hasn't had a meal since I landed here! : D ~ G
Wow! And I thought I was bad... :lol:
grace10 said:
Addictive is mild - my family hasn't had a meal since I landed here! : D ~ G
Good thing my family is grown and gone, which leaves time for knitting/crocheting and this site! Of course, that doesn't mean I cook :!: After all, if I cooked, I'd have to have time to clean the kitchen :roll: Soup almost has become my staple meal cuz I just don't have time to create food as well as sweaters, socks, etc. Can't be all bad, can it :?: At least, now I know I'm not the only one! :lol:
Elaine, I have actually, 'made my coffee', as they say. Children are grown, I am retired, widowed, and have nothing to feed but the cat and he sleeps most of the time! I have knitted for many years and presently only do small charity items that I can finish quickly. I volunteer at assisted living facilities, senior center, charity knit group, and assist with health mgmt for seniors in my family. If you see me on all day or half the night, I have left the computer on with the site minimized. The forum for me is a pleasant gataway from negative people, know it alls, and emails that hate everything from blondes to ethnicity, religions, and governments. I love the loving, helpful, giving sense of community the members have with others on this forum. It is most refreshing. :) Good to have like minds. ~ Grace
Another berry/bobble is the raspberry stitch:
So, there are popcorn, bobble, bramble, blackberry, trinity and raspberry stitches. Most sites seem to say popcorn and bobble are the same; bramble and trinity are the same, with maybe blackberry; then there is raspberry. I've seen instructions for smaller bobbles than the standard which probably fall into one of the other categories, but I've never compared the kinds of stitches to see if they differ.
Since I've started on this forum, I've learned a lot of stitches, found a lot of patterns and seen some gorgeous examples of knitting and/or crochet but haven't gotten anything else, such as knitting, accomplished.
If you want your knitting to resemble some crochet stitches, there are several cluster stitches such as daisy and cluster that do, along with some other faux crochet, knitting stitches stitches. I've found a couple that are on the member portion of, but daisy instructions are available free and probably cluster too.
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Peg, you certainly have choices before you. Show us the pictures of your precious pooch in the beautiful new sweater. Make it a wonderful weekend. ~ Grace
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