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crafty old broad said:
That is a great idea. Something else I do for Christmas time that helps with scraps is for our unfortunate furry friends at the pounds and shelters. I knit little pouches and stuff them with catnip. then tie little pieces of yarn around them. It takes such a little bit of yarn and no time at all to make. For the dogs I try and knit a few rugs. Usually I wait for Johann's 50% off coupons and get cones of cotton. I also use the scraps from wash/dish cloths. They are thick enough to prevent the cold from the cement floors making little paws cold. They are also washable. You can actually use about any yarn. And they don't even care is you have a different color every row. lol I think it helps make their little lives a bit more pleasant in an unpleasant situation. Especially the abused animals. This isn't a challenge, just passing on something I like to do.
One of the ladies at our church has us knitting hats for PatPat's Hats ( ). She leaves a donation box at church, and when she gets a boxful, she mails them to the charity. PatPat's Hats sends the hats to hospitals all over the country. They will accept any size or style of hat - can be sewn, knit, crocheted, purchased - but they must be new.
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