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Post being moved...Policing gone too far

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I was just answering a post from Stablebummom about the series of books she is reading as she recuperates from her amazing hip replacement. I had just written a lengthy post to find it couldn't be submitted because 'Topic is closed'..
So this topic has been moved to Book club discussions category or something like that? And isn't available.?
As far as I am concerned this post is just as much about communicating and following recovery of a member of KP as about a book series and belongs in General Chitchat where the most members can benefit from seeing that she is doing well and maintaining her sense of humor.
Whoever moved this, Tyrant in Charge of Petty Things I suppose, should read the post and realize the significance of the content and leave it where it was! If you don't recognize the posters you shouldn't be in charge of moving, closing or deleting!
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In this particular instance, I don't believe that the post was moved to start with. But I do disagree with the fact that the moderator of the book forum took it upon herself to close the post to further replies and move it to where she thinks it should be.
I replied in General chitchat and it is now in books. That is moved.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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