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I am learning to use double pointed needles. I just went from my circulars to DPN's to finish the top of a hat. I got the stitches onto the DPN's and I am not having trouble going from the full DPN to the empty DPN per the picture in my knitting book when I am knitting. It is a different story when I am purling. I found one U tube video
which shows that starting to go from the full to the empty DPN while purling is done by putting the empty needle in back of the needle you just finished( to your right) and then with the yarn in the front between the needle tips putting the needle tip purl wise into the stitch on the next needle (to the left) that you are starting to take stitches off of. To start going from DPN to DPN when you are doing the knit stitch, with yarn in back, you put the empty needle in front of the needle you just finished (to the right) and insert it knit wise into the stitch on the next needle ( the left one) that you are starting with. Is this a correct thing to do? I can't find anything any where except in this one video about this. I can purl doing what I described above but trying to do it with the empty needle in front of the right hand needle instead of in back of it is next to impossible. I also want to avoid ladders. I read that I should knit or purl a stitch going from the right needle to the left needle and then start working with the empty needle so that the loose areas are in different places. Is this correct? I also read about pulling the yarn tightly when going from needle to needle. Thanks everyone!
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