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Purse pattern has me pulling out my hair.

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I have a question about this purse pattern.How can I increase the 12 stitches it says to do and keep it even? I have torn it out twice because I can't figure it out. Here is the directions, Increase 12 sts evenley across next row.Continue to work seed sts for 11 inches. Can anyone help me?

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If I understand it, you increase 12 stitches on one row and then continue working for 11 inches in length, not width. That would be several more rows, depending on your needle and yarn size.

Seed stitch is knit, purl, knit, purl, doing the opposite on the other side so that the stitches end up looking like little seeds on the fabric. Both sides look the same with this stitch.
When I increase,how can I keep the seed stitches even?
You are increasing an even number of stitches, 12. Hmmm, now I see the problem. Let me think about this.
What I am saying is, the seed stitches are even across the row and when I increase the twelve sts, it is not even anymore. The increases knocks everything off of the pattern.
Bless you for your help I thought I was loosing it there for a while.Never run on to anything like this before.
Okay, I just did a quick search and it says to increase at the beginning and the end of the row. Are you sure you are supposed to increase stitches all on one row and not over the next 11 rows?
That would make the increases a gradual slope. How is the purse designed?
It says to increase 12 sts evenley across the next row. You have given me an idea, I will increase 1 stitch at the start and 1 at the end of the rows.
the purse is in a seed st pattern and only 12 sts are increased . When it measures 11 inches decrease those 12 sts.
Have to log off for now, do you have a link to the pattern? If you post it someone will be able to figure it out.
Happy knitting!
the Pattern is on Lion Brand Yarns free patterns.The address is
There are a lot of purse patterns on Lion Brand website, all are so pretty! Can you tell me which one it is?
If you would give me your e-mail address, I would send you the weekley Stitch that Lion Brand sends me.
Okay, I see the problem. Your purse is made with Stockinette and Seed stitches. If you read the pattern carefully you can see the part where you are confused calls for stockinette stitch which is easy to increase evenly across the row.

Okay, make that purse!

Cast on 35 sts. Beginning with a p row, work in St st (k on RS, p on WS) for 9 rows (for casing). Increase 12 sts evenly across next row - 47 sts. Place markers on each side edge. Work in Seed st for 11 in. (28 cm). Place markers on each side edge. Work in Seed st for 6 in. (15 cm) more. Place markers on each side edge. Continue in Seed st for 11 in. (28 cm), end with a WS row. Place markers on each side edge. K 1 row, decreasing 12 sts evenly across row. Continue in St st, beginning with a p row, for 9 rows (for casing). Bind off
Thanks Lois. After I read the instructions carefully, I saw what it meant for me to do. The purse is comming along fine thanks to you.

Have a nice and safe day.

Hi Bonnie, I was just looking at your tube sock pattern. Is it made on circular needles? Sounds like an easy project.
Good work, Loistec. You solved the question.
On the increase row divide the number of stitches by 12 (so divide 35 by 12 or so - increase every 2 stitches. This will be on a knit row - very easy.
It seems to me that you count the # of stitches on your needle and figure out where you would add stitches across the work.
For instance, if you have 120 stitches divide 12 into 120, answer is 10. Therefore every 10 stitches add a stitch.
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