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Question from a "not new to knitting"

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I am working on a pattern that calls for "three kneedle bind off" to attach shoulder seams of the front and back of a sweater; I've never seen this before. Can anyone give me an idea how it's done?
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go to youtube and type that exact phrase into the search box....i watched two or three's there....
Thank you - much appreciated
I got to tell you I was curious and did a search on youtube just as you suggested the first one that came up was this little girl...... if she can do it and call it easy... LOL I love it! what a great little teacher.
They have all these types of knitting instructions on UTube. Just ask for three stitch bind off or whatever and you will probably find it. Also any Vogue knitting magazine or any book should have the directions in the tutorial or explanation page. Good Luck.
By the way, simply because they call for it does not mean that you cannot do the seam the way you usually do the seams. It just means that they prefer one way and you prefer another. Unless it is contingent to the look of the sweater.
I love the three needle bind off and do it whenever possible. I hate sewing pieces together. I think the look of the three needle bindoff is smoother than sewing.
Lion Brand's site has a tutorial from which I taught myself to do this. It's a bit tricky, but once you learn it, you'll enjoy using it. It goes slowly, so don't think you're going to just whip those stitches off the needles ! Also, when dividing the stitches (half & half) on to 2 needles, I found (by trial & error) that it was better for me to use a DP needle & then put a needle protector on the bottom end of it. That way, you don't have to be too concerned about having right sides up going in the same direction. You'll see......
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