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This is what I was told by the audiologist. Ringing in your ears come from hearing loss, and the only thing that can correct it, is hearing aides. My hearing loss was minimal, so hearing aides weren’t up for consideration.
I have experienced ringing in my ears for past 10 years or more. And yes it is annoying. I have suffered from vertigo for over 7 years until just recently. These two issues are what made me reach out to the audiologist for treatment.
Have you considered that you might have Ménière's disease? It's an inner-ear issue, where vertigo damages the hairs inside your ear, and since they don't grow back, you slowly go deaf. My vertigo spells would last for hours. Finally I had surgery to cut the vestibular nerve to the brain, so that even though there's is vertigo, the brain doesn't know it. The down side is that with the nerve cut, the brain registers a noise but you can't understand the words. Even so, it was a good trade-off not to have those awful spells of vertigo.
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