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Tried hearing aides ($7000), did nothing for the tinnitus and drove me nuttier). took them back, charge $200 for the trial. Tried the Eppley manoevre, but only a few times, and another manoeuvre whose name I forget, no results, perhaps I needed more time. Noise varies from whooshing to screeching to gushing, but I believe my overall hearing is pretty good despite the audiologist’s recommendation. Think I might try some old fashioned, non-computerized hearing aids just as a test. If I ever get aids again I will get ly ears pierced and attach them securely. Don’t want $7000 flushing diwn the bath drain when I forget to remove them before showering.
Check out Costco for hearing aids. If you do need them. I have had mine for several years. I highly recommend them. Much cheaper than the competition. Less than $2000 for the pair.
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