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Rasta hat pattern?

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Frustrated in WA: Anyone have a knitted or crocheted pattern for a rasta hat? I cannot find a pattern and have ripped out my 6th hat. Having trouble with getting the right tension on headband and fullness/shape to back of hat.
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I made one for my son for Christmas. He lives in London, and I had no head or "hair" to measure, but it fit almost perfectly. I am working on another one now in a sport weight yarn.

Pattern available from Shiri Designs: Crochet Rasta Hat @
Hi: has a free pattern for a knitted rasta hat---first one under free patterns---Mango Moon.
nothing comes up when I click on the hat
Strange----I just did it and had no problem. I clicked on web site, then clicked on the left, FREE PATTERNS and the first picture shown, also on the left is the MANGO MOON RASTA Hat. If you continue to have a problem pm me and we'll work it out further.
Try I am sure that they have several free patterns for a rasta hat. If you are not familiar with Ravelry go to . You will need to request to join, but it is free. There is a wealth of information and interest groups. I often get too involved and spend a lot of time there.
I've never head of this, but here is a pattern I found if it helps you any. I know you are having a tension problem.
Rasta Hat

A Chez Crochet visitor asked if I knew of a pattern for the popular Rasta Hats. Well in my searches (and in hers) we couldn聮t find one, so I created this simple pattern.
Another ChezCrochet visitor sent this photo of a hat she made for her son, using this pattern. I seem to have lost the name of this wonderful lady, so if you recognize this young man, please let me know, so I can give proper credit.

The actual instructions complete a hat that is approximately 10.5 inches from the center of the crown to the finished edge. The hat is about 24 inches around at the brim.
I did not include any color changes in this hat, so you can create your own unique design.

When I made this hat with Sugar and Cream Heavy Cotton Yarn and an H sized hook- this pattern took slightly less than 4 oz. The cotton thread created a somewhat airy hat perfect for warm summer days.
I used this same pattern with worsted weight acrylic yarn and an H hook, and created a hat that was the same size as in the heavy cotton thread. The acrylic hat had denser, tighter stitches, and would be better in winter to keep your head warm.

Specialty Stitch: Decreasing Dc (Dec Dc)
Yo, insert hk into st, Yo, pull through. Yo pull through 2 loops. Yo, insert hk into next st. Yo, pull through. Yo, pull through 2 loops. Yo, pull through all remaining loops on hk.

Ch 5. Connect to form ring.
Round 1: Ch 3 (serves as 1st Dc, here and through out). Work 15 Dc into ring. Connect to beg ch.
Round 2: Ch 3. Work 2 Dc into each st. Connect to beg ch.
Rounds 3: Ch 3. Work 1 Dc into same st. *Work 1 Dc into next 3 sts. Work 2 Dc into next st. Repeat from * around circle. Connect to beg ch.
Round 4-6: Ch 3. Work 1 Dc into same st. *Work 1 Dc into next 4 sts. Work 2 Dc into next st. Repeat from * around circle. Connect to beg ch.
Round 7-8: Ch 3. Work 1 Dc into same st. *Work 1 Dc into next 8 sts. Work 2 Dc into next st. Repeat from * around circle. Connect to beg ch. (This is where you can adjust the overall Width of your hat. Add as many rounds as needed to achieve the *floppy* of the hat.)
Rounds 9-11: Ch 3. Work 1 Dc into same st. Work 1 Dc into each st around circle. Connect to beg ch. (With these rows you can adjust the overall length of your hat to accommodate the length of your Dreadlocks. Just add as many rows as you need.)
Rounds 12-15: Ch 3. Work 1 Dc into same st. *Work 1 Dc into next 6 st. Work 1 Dec. Dc into sts 7 & 8. Repeat from * around hat. Connect to beg ch. (This is where you finish your hat to fit your head. Add as many rows as needed to *cinch* the hat to your head size or stop at the particular Round where it fits your head.)
Last Round(s): Ch 1-2 (depending on size of st.) Work 1 Sc or Hdc into each st. Connect to beg ch. You can work as many rounds as you like to create a finished edge or even a hat bad.
End off and Weave threads.
Front Door Study:TC Living Room:RC Parlor:Lace Library ARNies Armoire Free Patterns LinksTop off your needlework library with this!Abbreviations:
Beg: Beginning
Ch: Chain stitch
Dc: Double Crochet
Sc: Single Crochet
Trc: Treble Crochet
Lp: Loop
Hk: Hook
Sk: skip stitches
Sl St: slip stitch
Yo: Yarn Over hook NOTES:
There will NOT be an even number of stitches for the increase rows; in other words, there will be left over stitches after the last increase.
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Rasta thanks for all who replied :thumbup:
Rasta Beanie Hat pattern by Michaela Kiesel
Cap Woolen Wool Tints and shades Knit cap

Cap Headgear Eyelash Creative arts Knit cap
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