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? re "slip first stitch for nice edge"

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Regarding pattern instruction that says slip first stitch for a nice edge (particular for scarfs, etc.), does that literally mean to simply slip the first stitch on the row (as though knitting it) from left to right needle and continue the pattern on the second stitch on?

I think so, but want to be sure. It looks odd when I do it....
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It took me awhile to accept this slip first stitch on scarves and it is wonderful Thank you..
I sometimes forget to slip the first knit stitch also, I am confused over the purl stitch . Do you slip it off also? I am making a cable scarf and it is rolling on the edge? I am wondering if I crocheted around the edges if it would look better? I have just learned how to make a cable on a scarf, but as I said it has a rolled edge for some reason. Thank you Jean
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