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? re "slip first stitch for nice edge"

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Regarding pattern instruction that says slip first stitch for a nice edge (particular for scarfs, etc.), does that literally mean to simply slip the first stitch on the row (as though knitting it) from left to right needle and continue the pattern on the second stitch on?

I think so, but want to be sure. It looks odd when I do it....
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I use this technique on 99% of every one of my projects. It makes an absolutely beautiful edge. You can leave it the way it is or it makes it easier to pick up stitches along it, crochet an edge on to it and/or have a much easier time seaming your pieces together. Sometimes, if the pattern I am doing 'forces' me to use the 1st stitch as called for, I will add one extra stitch on each edge to allow me to use the slip technique. I will then slip the 1st stitch & purl the very last stitch, again causing the edge to be smooth & straight. You will have to get used to doing this but, once you do, you will do it automatically. Happy Knitting!!!
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