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? re "slip first stitch for nice edge"

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Regarding pattern instruction that says slip first stitch for a nice edge (particular for scarfs, etc.), does that literally mean to simply slip the first stitch on the row (as though knitting it) from left to right needle and continue the pattern on the second stitch on?

I think so, but want to be sure. It looks odd when I do it....
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unfortunately, one is very limited with basketweave and garter stitch patterns. The rolling of scarves is also prevalent I find when doing cables or even lace patterns.

I would think that doing reversible patterns would give you more pattern options. I did a ribbed pattern narrow scarf this past month which holds itself flat. There is a great range of ribbing patterns to test ones creativity. And reverse cable patterns intrigue me especially since you can view the scarf from either side.
Are you slipping the first stitch purl wise?
My 'skinny' scarf is looking real good. Am using a slip one knit wise at the beginning with a 4 st garter border. I am knitting 4 at the end and slipping one at the beginning. The scarf has a reversible lace center. It has a nice rhythm to the pattern and is laying flat--yea!!!!

Next challenge is a cabled scarf that doesn't roll.
don't know how accurate the photo color is, but it looks luscious. i am a big purple fan!
My understanding of the roll is the different tensions front and back. To add injury, the cable itself creates even more tension on one side and so the edges tend to pull in. The only solutions I have come across are to create a selvage with several stitches (3-5) that are done in garter stitch or moss stitch which is a bit stiffer. But some stitches in some yarns will just do what they want to do. I think you need to do swatches before beginning the project and play with it to see what works best for that particular design.
Yes, the edge may fold but the one slip stitch edge will also roll. I think one has to experiment with the pattern to see how it will act.
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