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? re "slip first stitch for nice edge"

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Regarding pattern instruction that says slip first stitch for a nice edge (particular for scarfs, etc.), does that literally mean to simply slip the first stitch on the row (as though knitting it) from left to right needle and continue the pattern on the second stitch on?

I think so, but want to be sure. It looks odd when I do it....
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Yes, the edge may fold but the one slip stitch edge will also roll. I think one has to experiment with the pattern to see how it will act.
I am puzzled by this. Do you just keep slipping the same stitch? I must be missing something. I knit a little swatch and slipped the first stitch, knit all but the last stitch, turned it and repeated. It seemed like the first stitch was just stretching up the row. What am I doing wrong.?
The slipped stitch edge doesn't always roll. I've used it on sleeveless tops and it works just fine.

KCL, you slip the FIRST stitch and ONLY the first stitch so you will NOT be slipping the same stitch every time.
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