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Request Input on Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles

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hi, As knitting projects call for different configuration of needle sizes and cable lengths, I am thinking of buying Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles. I did some research on knitpicks,Addi, Denise and Boye interchangeable circular knitting needles. I have short listed Denise based on price,wide range of needle size, cable length it covers and also on lot of customer feedback in different websites. But I personally don't have an experience with Denise needles in fact I don't even have experience with the circular needles. One more thing I would like to inform here is that I am quite new to knitting and I have just completed few scarf projects using straight knitting needles.

Before buying I thought of taking some inputs about my selection of buying the Denis circular interchangeable knitting needles. I request your inputs/suggestions for this. Thanks to all in advance.
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I bought a Denise set several years ago and the tips, cables, joins, etc, are all nice, but not great. I prefer a little weight in my needles to hold and balance the weight of the yarn on my hands. Since this set is all plastic, I found the very light weight not much to my liking. They would probably be great for someone with arthritic fingers, and/or working with lace or fingering yarn only, on small projects, but I didn't care for the feel of them when knitting sweaters and other larger projects. Hope this helps, and happy knitting!
I've got the Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles and they are great. The only downside I found is the numbers start at 5 and other start at 5, otherwise I would say it is a good investment. Much cheaper than trying to purchase individuals in all the sizes.

Good luck with your choice.

Linda (Sebastian-Fla)
Hello_ I received a set of Denise needles as a present. They are a bit light for my taste, but if you're just starting they wouldn't be a bad choice. After you've been knitting for a while, you can upgrade.
My Denise set sits largely unused! I prefer wood or bamboo and am not all that thrilled with the cables on the Denise. Others probably have differing opinions.
I love my Denise needles! I use them for everything! I like the weight and the smoothness of them.
Another issue I have, is the points are not as "sharp" as I like.
I also have a set of Denise needles and have had them for years. I enjoy everything about them and they have held up very well. I was also skeptical when I first purchased them but I needed them. I was going to be living overseas for a year and didn't want to pack many various needle sizes. I LOVE using them and I can keep the box in my bag at all times and would spend the money again. Good luck with your choice or maybe try a set of a friend's prior to purchasing.
I love my Denise Interchangeable needles. I tried Bamboo to be cool and don't like them except for very slippery yarn. The Denise needles are great and seem to increase my speed somehow. I would definitely try them.
I also have a set of Denise needles and I do like them for certain projects. The only thing I don't like is that they are very pointy. I prefer to have a more rounded point.
I LOVE my Denise needles! Before my DH gave them to me for Christmas I had never used circular needles before. No problems here with weight, points or anything else. Especially like the ability to add more sizes to the set, their portability and convenience of keeping everything organized. I use them for all my projects whether I need straight or DPNs. I agree with the previous poster: if it is possibl, try out a friend's set, or ask at a local yarn shop if they have a set for a test drive. Good luck!
I have the knit pick interchangeable needles. I first purchased the metal set when the came out I enjoyed them but with RA the were too slipery. Now I use the Knit pick harmony circular needles. They are really nice and I enjoy the versility. As for the metal needles , my grand-daughter enjoys them. The Harmony needle points are sharp which I like.
I have two sets of Denise needles and use nothing but them. I have had them for at least 10 years and enjoy them as much today as I did the day I bought them.
I bought my set of Denise interchangeable needles a couple years ago and absolutely love them! I have only had to replace one short cord due to my overusing it with too bulky yarn, therefore overstressing the little connector end. I just sent it to them in the mail and I think it only cost me $1 for the replacement, which came very quickly. I would definitely recommend purchasing them!
I have a set that I use constantly and really like them. They have just the right amount of slickness, the points are perfect and the set is so versatile. I only wish they came in smaller sizes for socks. I have tried bamboo and really don't care for bamboo so will be passing my bamboo needles on to my granddaughter who is learning to knit.
I recently received the Denise needles as a Christmas gift and have hardly put them down. I use them for everything. They are lightweght, but I have arthritic hands so I don't mind. Good luck with your decision!
thank you all for your valuable inputs....
I have had a zippered set of circular needles and one of crochet hooks for about 20 years. I have replaced different pieces, i lost them, twice. I keep an order form in the zippered needles, so I will have it if I need anything else. Everytime I take them out, This sounds silly, I have a little warm feeling about how glad I am to have them. I feel happy to know I don't have to go looking for needles anytime for anything. It is silly, but thats the way I
Talk about silly and or stupid. I forgot to say what brand they are Boyle. Thats OK I have a mind like a sive what goes in the top just runs out the holes.
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