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I used to make these often. I got the pattern from a friend and it came from page 23 of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Book, KNITTING WITHOUT TEARS, according to my typed copy.
Preemie Booties:
With #1 (I used #2 or #3 needles with a better result)cast on 27 sts.
Knit 1 row
Inc in 1st st, K11, inc in next st, K1, inc. in next st, K 11, inc. in last st.
Knit 1 row
Inc. in 1st st, K 11, Inc. in next st, K 5, Inc. in next st, K 11, Inc in last st (35 stitches)
Knit 3 rows
Work six rows in stockinette st or any simple pattern.
K 20, K 2 tog, turn, sl 1, P 5, P2 tog, turn sl 1, K 5, K 2 tog.
Continue in this manner on the center sts. until there are a total of 23 sts on needle {On my copy the 23 is underlined and the 15 sts on the left was handwritten in)
Sl 1, K 5, K 2 tog. K to end, turn P 13, P 2 tog, P to end. (21 sts on needle.
Work 12 rows in pattern ending with 4 to six rows of garter st.
It is IMPERATIVE and ESSENTIAL that you use Elizabeth Zimmerman's original method of
"Break yarn, leaving a good working length, which is threaded through a blunt wool needle. Holding work in left hand, *put this needle through the first 2 stitches as if to purl, from the right to left. Pull yarn through.
Slip first stitch of needle. Repeat from * two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, one step back. Do not pull yarn too tightly, although there is little danger this."
Sew seam down back and across sole of bootie.
This method provides the maximum of "stretch" to pull the very few stitches over the tiny foot and ankle. A "beading-row-with-tie-cord" is unnecessary as the mites do not have the strength to kick the booties off and a tie-cord might restrict circulation.
Hope this works well for you and is what you needed.
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