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Reversible Scarf

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Has anyone knit a reversible scarf? I just read that reversible scarf edges do not roll.

I want to knit 2 scraves as holiday gifts but do not want to waste both time and yarn if the edges are going to roll.

This is the pattern I want to use:
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tenaj said:
CrystalP said:
Look up a scarf called 'Palindrome,' it is reversable and has a cable in it, it's very pretty. I made one, and I do plan on making another.
This is the pattern site I already posted for the scarves I'm making. Thanks anyway
I made this scarf for my mil, but I made it twice as wide. I used Lion Brand Tweed Stripes (acrylic). I loved doing it, and she loves wearing it. I plan to make more from this pattern in future. I only wish there was a way to obtain the yarn used in the original (see link). That is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for the pattern. Using a needle size smaller than recommended, it is very dense and she wants a sweater in the same pattern. ???
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