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Ringling Bros. Amazing Cats

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Needles Too said:
I love the circus, always have, always will. Don't dismantle the whole circus world because of some bad apples. Most care for their animals as well as the household dog and cat. I worry more about dog fighting, cock fighting, bull fighting, etc. All of those end in death, every time.

We are adults here, life is not, never has been pristine and wonderful. Could very well be, the child living next door to you is being beaten daily or a wife is being shoved around the house, battered and bruised. Most of us would love to see that curtailed poste haste, but it's forever in our midst. And all of the above are world wide happening.
I don't think the whole circus world needs to be dismantled, just remove all animal acts from them. I have a good friend who is a very vociferous animal advocate and she has opened my eyes to the cruelty in the world against animals, used for our own entertainment. For years circuses have been condemned for poor treatment of their animals....I wonder why?

I agree, life will never be pristine, but if we can make a stand against any form of cruelty,shouldn't we? We can't just say that this is happening, it always will so get over it. If you knew a child or women or animal was being abused, wouldn't you try and do something? I know I would. Just because it is "forever in our midst" doesn't mean we should ignore it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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