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Ruana machine pattern request

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i am looking for a Ruana wrap that is made of one large square for the back side and two rectangle patters for the front. anyone have any patterns for something like this?
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AmyClaire said:
I have never seen that construction. Usually a ruana is two long rectangles, sewn together halfway and with no neckhole. (in the olden days a loom created fabric no more than 27" wide because that's the distance a human could work comfortably)

Can you create your own pattern based on the wearer's measurements?

For the back your width would be elbow to elbow and your length would be shoulder to knee.

Each front would be that length and half the width.
oh thanks for this information! while not exactly what i was asking for it is probably more helpful than i could have hoped. i could probably come up with a pattern with these measurements thanks.

Jae said:
Go to
They have a pattern book to create the ruana that you are looking for. I have the pattern but unfortunately it is copyright so therefore cannot copy and send. Sorry.
do you have the name of the pattern book?
Jae said:
THANKS i am going to buy it as soon as payday comes around again. it is nice to know where it is... :p :lol:
tpmcgoo2 said:
I don't know if you got a pattern yet but I came across this and thought of you so here it is

I think it might be what you were wanting?
oh thanks for thinking of me.. the first one the red one is exactly like what i was talking about maybe a bit longer but exactly that. i think i can make some of these but most of them call for casting on more than a hundred stitches, including the red one, which is the extent of my bed. i am not sure how i could rectify unless i made it in parts. gives me something to think about though
i am starting to like grids on the machine they are so much easier to understand than words
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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