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San Rafael, CA

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Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen.
I will soon be visiting my daughter and 9 month old darling grand daughter who are living in San Rafael. Now my question is: " are there any places that I should visit whilst there"? I have visited a few times so have seen the usual tourist "must see" in San Francisco. All suggestions welcome. Markets, LYS, beauty spots, nature walks.
I'll be going armed with recently knitted 3 ply cardigans, for grand daughter, in case the temp does drop during the winter. Ha haha
Thank you, one and all. Love this site! :D
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Fellow knitters and crocheters, I send my sincere thanks. I've emailed your suggestions to my daughter and all suggestions are achievable so we have some fun days out to look forward to. I'm getting excited!!
I really do appreciate all your imputs. I'm making notes and will let you all know how things go.
Grammy Toni, I've been to Sausalito but the sound of wonderful Italian food means I will definately be returning.
Carol, The thought of tall redwoods sound inviting. Definately a picnic will be called for I think. And a blanket to lay on and take in the grand trees.
Byeeeeeee for now, Andi
Thanks Nancy. I have to agree with you San Fran is a lovely and exciting place. I think the zoo is the only place I've not visited as yet. Andi
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