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Scrap project

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Here is a scrap project that is made entirely of wool and wool-blend scraps, plus whole skeins as needed for completion. Contrary to tradition, which would probably have me putting it together with black, I chose a soft green heather for a more neutral color and softness, rather than the harshness and boredom of tradition.


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Really nice! And I bet it's nice and toasty too!
It is made with ribbed single crochets. I used them because they have enough stretch to allow me to 'fudge' by a row or two if I ran out of yarn in that color. It is roughly 25 stitches by 25 rows for each square.

I keep it in the trunk of my car just in case I get stuck in the snow or run out of gas on a really cold day.
It's beautiful! Are those 4" square gauge pieces?
No, it was just a way to use up a bunch of scraps without going the granny route, which has been overdone. It's 4-ply worsted weight. I've never measured the squares, but I think they are more than 4 inches. They are 25 sc by 25 rows, done in rib so they have enough stretch to allow me to 'fudge' when necessary if the square I'm working on is a row or two shy of being 25 rows but still enabling me to use up the yarn I'm working on.
:) handsome piece of work and I agree with your choice of color for edging
I love this afghan! Looks modern, like a Mondrian painting, very clever use of leftover yarn! Creative and colorful. Thanks for the inspiration.
Love it....I like the softer joining color a lot better than black. That's too "old" looking to me. Great job.
Well done. Putting it together with the green is much nicer than using black.
MaryRossmoor said:
It's beautiful! Are those 4" square gauge pieces?
It would be a agreat use for those swatches we all create.
Marilyn, great idea not to use black to join the squares.
Thanks for liking the soft green. I regard green as a neutral color, since it is used to sidely in Nature and seems to be mixed with every other color there is in the venue. The soft heather green is a Encore color that may still be available.
clogden21 said:
MaryRossmoor said:
It's beautiful! Are those 4" square gauge pieces?
It would be a agreat use for those swatches we all create.
I agree, this would be great for swatches. I actually have about 75 or so swatches in a basket, I know what I am going to do with them. Some of the swatches are in a pattern, some stockenette, some garter. Would look a bit like a sampler. Thank you for the wonderful idea.
Another trick I used is each square goes a different direction. Rows N-S adjoined on all four sides with rows going E-W. That kept the squares that I had to short a row or two from not properly aligning with adjoining squares.
Love it, I am always looking for projects to use up scrap yarns
Very pretty. thanks for sharing.
I like it and how you have put it together. It reminds me of the afghans made by HAP for our wounded service men.
The HAP afghans are made up of 6x9 in rectangles and crocheted together. I knit the 6x9 in rectangles and send them to HAP where they are put together and sent off to military hospitals.

Warm Up America make up afghans which are 7 x 9 in. Their web address is: They also offer patterns.

For information about HAP go to: They also offer patterns.

HAP only accepts new members periodically and I think their membership is closed at the moment. But yu can view pictures of the finished afghans at their web site.
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