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Second Moose Sweater

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Here is my wonderful guy wearing the second attempt at his Moose sweater. It fits him perfectly but we haven't had enough really cold days this year for him to get much use from it.


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You make my mind short circuit!!
I can not imagine how you do that. I get too tangled with just 2 threads. And usually end up ripping it out never doing it at all.
He is one lucky guy!!
Just awesome, You are amazing.
beautiful sweater. Great job. Exactly the type of sweaters I am working on. Would love to know where I can get this pattern. Thanks for sharing.
I am in awe! That is gorgeous! I am jealous! I have not attempted to knit in 2 or more colors and changing back and forth.... My closest venture in two colors is making afghans or the blanks for the needy and introducing an entire row or two of another color.... Is there an easy way to do patterns. I have been making several hats for my granddaughter and her friend when I have time to slip those in. I devote a lot of time to making vests for my granddaughter and the blanket for the needy project... I even discovered that I could knit when I "lie down for a nap"!!! LOL I have a hospital bed, raise the head portion to about "almost" a sitting position and I knit!

I am determind that I will try to knit other colors as well... a number of years ago, someone made my d-i-l a lovely sweater with an argyle motif across the front... it was gorgeous. It seemed to me that she had the colors on little bobbin like thingies that dangled on the wrong side. I have a yarn organizer tote that holds 6 skeins so I would be set up for it, just been afraid to venture there! LOL Any ideas?
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Oh, how handsome he looks in that beautiful sweater! You are a dear to make such beautiful sweaters! I wish I was half as talented, but I'm trying ner things each time. Hopefully, I will get that far. I live in the Chicago suburbs and the cold has been powerful this year!
JUST BREATHTAKING!! The talent is beyond words.. A good looking model in his sweater also. If only...... maybe someday.
Wow! I can't imagine "graduating" to that beautiful sweater!
awsome sweater not a bad model either
I love it and love that he'll wear it! My guy is afraid of color. 8+ yrs in and we are slowly seeing it enter his side of the closet! Patterns etc are a whole other thing. FINALLY got him in flannal with a big plaid and he looks great! I'm working on him. I'm a new knitter anyway so by the time I could make something like this he may finally reach for color and prints on his own!
Great work!
I would love to have the pattern. Have been looking for that style sweater to knit for my husband without luck. Could you share??Thanks, love it!
tallieu: I'm in north-eastern Kansas and it's sure been cold enough here to wear that sweater. You can drop it in the mail any time at all.
Fabulous job of knitting. I have knitted for a long time, but I am a slow knitter. Not sure if I would have accomplished the moose sweater. He's a lucky guy.
Beautiful : )
What a beautiful sweater!!!! I have knitted a sweater with the Optimus Prime Robot in it for our son 20 years ago but haven't tackled anything like it since. I guess this is the kick start I need. For those wondering about the pattern, I know Mary Maxim has a whole catalog with this type of sweater in it. :) :) :) :) :)
LBUSH, I too am a slow knitter. I take forever and partly because I only have an hour or two a day to knit ( or crochet ) . But have knocked out a cable sweater ( LG> adult size ) in a day crocheting. Guess teaching myself to knit verses being taught to crochet has its draw backs.
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