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It is all free form. Top down. Leftovers yarn. But i have made pictures of the proces for anyone who would like to have a go at it.
I start with the little part of the neckline in the back (light grey) 8 stitches - 2k,1p,1k,1p,1k,1p,1k, I start with 2k because that gives me an extra row to pick up new stitches in as i go down the back. It is knittet from center back and out both sides. The ends have German short rows making the rows 2 stitches shorter 2 times. And the binding of is only to keep them from unraveling.
Then I cast on for the shoulders and pick up stitches at the neck (green) and knit the top of the back down shaping the armholes.
When at the bottom of the armhole I make one additional stitch between rib and body and this and the ribbing stitches I knit a little longer to make the bottom of the armhole.
My rib, in neckhole and at armholes is 7 stitches wide, with 1x1 ribbing.
I increase between the 7th and 8th stitch next to the neckhole and the armhole, to make the nice lining.
Ireach the bottom of the neckhole first, and make a rib snip in both sides, with the 7 ribstitches from down the sides plus one new. - 8 stitches - 2k,1p,1k,1p,1k,1p,1k - i end the neckhole by casting the two sides of at the same time as i knit them together. Then i mowe my stitces for me to start atthe end of the row (one side of the front) and knit one side, pick up stitches at the bottom of the neckhole and knit the other side.
Then i continue downto the bottom of the armholes, where i do the same to shape the bottom. I then pick up stitches at the bottom of the armhole and knit the rest of the body.
10 pics here, 10 in next post.


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