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senior citizen but young at heart

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:p I am a knitter since I was six years old. Learned how to purl and increase/decrease etc. from a Red Heart book when I was a teenager. I guess you could say I am self-taught.
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I began to crochet when I was a teenager, and self taught myself to knit approximately six years ago. I have only crochet two items since. Love knitting so much more. Always thought knitting would just be to hard for me...but once i got it..I got it! lol
Hi Welcome

I also learned from a book and trial and error. I believe your will enjoy this site, I do.

Linda (Sebastian-Fla)
HI. Thanks for the reply. Looks like I am ging to like this site. I am a recent widow, so it looks like I have some new friends. My mother was the crocheter. and knew just the basics, my Grandma was quite the knitter. So I guess it's true, it really does skip a generation now and then.
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