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Serenity Loom Patterns.

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I can do the serenity loom but haven't been able to find any actual patterns. So far have just made up my own. Exhausted all that I have available to me and still no luck. If anyone has any to share I would be greatfull. Thanks
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I too have the serenity loom, it sits in my closet never to come out again. there are very view patterns, but if you look for loom patters, or knifty knitter (any flat panel design) IF you down load, select machine knit, the patters should work for you, keep in mind how many pegs you have (256 i think) when it says needles you need to think pegs. Also If you are decreasing a stitch, you will have to move EVERY stitch over to fill in the gap.
Thanks that is wonderful. Glad you took the time to reply it was very helpful.
no problem are you looking for a particular pattern??
Hi, I have just re-written the instructions for the new Serenity Loom聶 and I'd be happy to send them to anyone who needs help or patterns. I strongly suggest watching Mikey of The Crochet Crowd and also Amanda Pratt on You Tube. Mikey takes you through all the steps and Amanda has figured out how to use the Serenity as a rake.

I wanted to tell everyone that the new Serenity Loom聶 is being shipped next week and will be in the Hobby Lobby stores in about a month. Also, I am taking advance orders on it and you can e mail me at [email protected] with requests or questions. The gauge will be a little bigger and the shape more streamlined thanks to Mikey's help. Thanks, Betty Wilkinson


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Hi, I just purchased a Serenity Loom and I am having difficulty using it. Do you still have the rewritten instructions available? If so, I would like a copy please. Thank you.
I'm so sorry. I'm in Japan and I don't have my hard drive with me. Could you write to: Amanda Pratt <[email protected]>. I think she has them but you can see her on utube and also the Crochet Crowd for tutorials. Best, Betty
Thank you so much! I just sent a message to Amanda. Hopefully she can help. And enjoy your trip.
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