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Should I colour fast these ?

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I made these for my sister's 80th Birthday in her favourite colour. I'm not sure if the red colour will run into the white. Should I treat them before gifting them to her. If so, how do I do that. They are crochet with Bendigo Woolen Mills 8ply cotton.
There is a set of 6 place mats, 6 coasters, 3 tea towels & a pair of writs warmers/fingerless gloves.

Thanks so much for any advice and help.


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Whoops, the wrist warmers/fingerless gloves are not in this pic but there is a hot pad.
Gosh that was quick replies. Thank you all so much.
I just done the hot water test is a white cup. I tied a length of the red and a length of the white together and none of the red colour ran.
Thanks again I really do appreciate all your help.
raelkcol said:
I can't answer your question but I love the place mats and coasters. Can you share the link to the patterns? Thank you.
I will have to have a look for them again. They are free patterns, so when I find them I'll send you the link.
ohsusana said:
Lovely work. Happy birthday to your sister, I'm sure she will be thrilled with all these goodies. What a lovely sister you are :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Thank you
bettyirene said:
I shouldn't think they would "run". Why not contact BWM and ask them if it is colour fast? They are beautifully done...lovely work.
Thank you betty
Ms. Tess said:
I would think that being cotton they will most likely run. I know that red is not a colorfast color for the most part and it would be terrible for these beautiful things to be ruined by color running. There are products available in the laundry aisle for color fasting but most of us soak them in vinegar and then wash in cool water. I saw that there is a new laundry soap out that is supposed to stop color bleeds too. Give the vinegar a try and see what that does for you. I would suggest that if you have some left over yarn, do a little swatch and experiment on that until you get it down pat so there is no chance of ruining all your beautiful work. =)

I borrowed this from Dreamweaver's vast knowledge and a post that she made pertaining to color fasting.

Just put warm tap water, vinegar and salt in sink and soak the items. Even cold water would be OK. Boiling water could shrink yarn, etc, depending on fiber..... Repeat until water is clear and item can be placed on white paper towel without any color bleed. Then rinse with plain water.
Thank you so much and thx also to Dreamweaver's vast knowledge.
Hilary4 said:
If you have any of the red left over, can you pop some in a mug with a white interior and add a little boiling water and see if the colour runs?
That was a great idea. I done the hot water test and none of the colour ran... Thanks for your advice.
You always say the nicest things DonnieK, thank you so much.
Thank you also Buttons, I appreciate your advice.
For anyone who may want the pattern I will put it here. It is a very easy (beginner) crochet pattern.
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