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Should I colour fast these ?

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I made these for my sister's 80th Birthday in her favourite colour. I'm not sure if the red colour will run into the white. Should I treat them before gifting them to her. If so, how do I do that. They are crochet with Bendigo Woolen Mills 8ply cotton.
There is a set of 6 place mats, 6 coasters, 3 tea towels & a pair of writs warmers/fingerless gloves.

Thanks so much for any advice and help.


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They look wonderful. I too would love a copy of the pattern.
My sister is turning 80yrs on July 10th and asked me to make her a set of place-mats she saw in a magazine while on holiday in Australia. The magazine is 9 yrs old & she was given it to bring back to me. I have made two already in the colour blue she requested, but they turn out smaller than is photographed, and would fit a small round plate. She has seen them & is happy with them, & I have four more to make.
I have also made a set of 6 coasters from another free pattern in blue, green & orange-centred flowers which look
great. I have also made 6 variegated napkin ring holders
with buttons which I am happy with, however your place-mats
look extra nice, being much larger, for larger dinner plates
and a nice shape.
With the round ones you are doing a lot of counting to gradually increase the size but without making "tracks"
which is usually allowed when making berets & hats.
With your pattern, is there a great deal of counting for
increases, or did you find the pattern very easy to do.
If I could trial the pattern & am happy with it, I would
consider replacing the mats I have done, & turn them into
pot stands for other hot dishes. Decisions, decisions, and
the birthday date is looming on the horizon.
Your input would help me, especially a copy of the pattern.
Thanks for listening,
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Thank-you SallyB for the pattern. I will sample the pattern
this weekend with my blue yarn, maybe with a green contrast
which will match the coasters I have already made. Of all
the place-mat patterns I have down-loaded, this one must have
escaped me, but it looks more practical, & attractive too.
Thanks again. I too love the wool & cotton from Bendigo Mills.
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